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Your Scholarship Essay Competition

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One-Hour Dissertation

One-Hour Dissertation

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Top Ten FKT (Fastest Know Times) For 2013

Faster and faster every year.  Records were broken for:

Congratulations to all of those who went fast in 2013!

Looks like black diamond is already having a positive effect on Fritschi Diamir. Check these out:



The Gnar Way to Zion


Tim Profile Pic FINAL
Tim Rogers
Date: October 2013
Location: Zion National Park
Overview: In early October, I and my two closest friends and climbing partners realized a dream years in the making. Over the course of 17 days we rode our bicycles about 700 miles from Salt Lake City to Zion National Park and back. Our goal was to climb the canyon’s towering sandstone cliffs; our experience was nothing short of life changing.


RMNP Mountain Ramble


Brice Portwood
Date: December 2013
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park
Overview: Solo ice climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park.






Race Directing

Overview Photo

Reese Ruland
Reese Ruland
Date: 3 December 2013
Location: Colorado
Overview: In August 2013, I, along with my boyfriend Dakota Jones, conceived and directed the Telluride Mountain Run. It was hard, but rewarding, and now I am planning to do even more Race Directing (RDing) – four more races in 2014. Below is my version of a mental refresher; several reminders that I will inevitably forget and need to reread during times of shear panic and overwhelming anxiety next time. 

More information on all races can be found here Aspire Events and for TMR here Telluride Mountain Run 

The first two photos are from David Clifford Photography and the last one is mine. 

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